Cold War

Cold War 2.0

Cold war is an exciting action game developed by DreamCatcher
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Cold war is an exciting action game developed by DreamCatcher. In this game you are going to be taken back to the times of the Iron Curtain.
The story puts you in the shoes of Matthew Carter, a freelance journalist who makes a trip to Moscow to investigate a story that could give him the Pulitzer prize in which the U.S. presidency and the KGB are involved. But suddenly he is found guilty of an attempt of murder. He is then deprived of all his belongings and sent to a KGB prison , where he will have to expect the worst moments of his life.
However, Matthew will be able to use all his skill to escape from prison and try to discover what is really happening. You will have to use everything as a weapon.

Graphics and sound.
The scenarios as much as the graphics are quite suitable and of good quality. The characters have little expressiveness, sometimes will make you remember of Terminator. The sound effects are very good and the soundtrack is good but not excellent.

In conclusion, if you like action games this is the game for you.

María Noel Balla
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  • Excellent graphics


  • Somewhat little expressivenesses in the characters
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